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“As a parent, I found the entire "test prep" process to be a wildly hysterical and expensive process. When I contacted Brooklyn Math Tutors and spoke with the manager, I wasn't expecting someone who could relate to what I was thinking. I was expecting a hard sell with a huge price tag and lots of anxiety about the test, but I instead I had a thoughtful and intelligent conversation about my son, his strengths and weaknesses, as well as his interests and personality. After four sessions, he is now on his way to take the test in May, and can contact Brooklyn Math Tutors with any other problems and questions he may have. This experience far exceeded my expectations of test prep.”

Lisa CCobble Hill

“When my 11 year old came home with a report card showing a grade "F" for math, I knew she needed a good tutor! This was particularly important as she had only a few months to prepare for taking an entrance exam for acceptance at a European school (which are notorious for being more rigorous academically). She was given a FANTASTIC tutor named CRAIG, who has a Masters degree in math from the UK's infamous Oxford university. She went from an "F" math student to an "A" math student in just a few weeks. He was able to make math "click" for her, and she left the country top of her class in math (a great boost to her confidence!) and also was competent enough to skip a grade upon being accepted at the new school. I could not recommend Craig and Brooklyn Math Tutors more highly!”

L.M.Park Slope

“Alex has been the best tutor I’ve ever had. He helped me to increase my math scores significantly, and not just pass the class, but do significantly well. My confidence in math overall has improved and I no longer look at math with a defeatist attitude, but rather take a moment, think, and figure out how to approach the problem in the most beneficial and point increasing way possible. I highly recommend him, if your child is struggling with math, take the next step, call Brooklyn Math Tutors!”

Gabrielle, Midwood

“Our family worked with Liz who did an amazing job with our 8 year old daughter in terms of turning things around with math and really boosting our daughter's confidence. The impact was almost immediate and has been sustained. My daughter really likes Liz as do we parents - she's warm, approachable and an excellent communicator. We'd highly recommend Liz and Brooklyn Math Tutors. And our daughter is very grateful that Liz got her out of the 'bad math place'.”

Laurie S.Carol Gardens

“Our son is a sophomore in high school in 2 very fast paced honors classes in math and biology. We turned to Brooklyn Math tutors for help with both, and are very glad we did. His math tutor Dan did an intensive weeks long session with him to get him up to speed in Algebra 2 before school started. It was so helpful that our son asked to continue working with him, and it has been immensely helpful. He also works with a great bio tutor, Rachel, to prepare for tests and the upcoming AP. He is very grateful for both and feels that they are giving him a leg up. We can't recommend them highly enough.”

Courtenay O.Clinton Hill

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