The Brooklyn Math Tutors was founded with a simply guiding philosophy: make math fun and the process of learning enjoyable – the rest follows. With thousands of hours of tutoring experience among our founding team, we’ve learned that math-phobia, boredom, and uncertainty – not a lack of innate talent – are what hold most students back from succeeding at math.

Our flagship location, in Brooklyn New York, was founded in 2009 and has helped hundreds of students achieve their academic goals.

In 2017, our goal is to expand our approach to other cities.

We’re looking for outstanding human beings to help carry our brand and philosophy across the country, on a profit-sharing basis. Could you be what we’re looking for?

Are you our ideal candidate to launch a branch of The Brooklyn Math Tutors?

  • Passion for and experience in education. Classroom teaching experience is not required but tutoring experience is
  • 4 year college degree from a top school
  • The most entrepreneurial person you know (seriously) with unrivaled hustle
  • An excellent understanding of the educational landscape in your area (private, public, parochial, high stakes and admissions testing)
  • Extremely responsive to all forms of communication
  • Very comfortable with community outreach
  • Stellar verbal and written communication skills with excellent emotional intelligence
  • US Citizen of Permanent Legal Resident (Green Card)
  • Demonstrated success in building something big
  • Able to dedicate 10 hours per week or more on a flexible schedule. You must be able to answer the phone and respond to emails from 9 AM to 5 PM without delay. Ideal for someone who is home all day, with the ability to drop everything and take a call


  • Help us build a branch of The Brooklyn Math Tutors in your area – from the ground up!
  • We provide the marketing copy and advertising, but you may be asked to implement via community outreach
  • Oversee the recruitment and management of the entire tutor roster in your area, which will start at 1 (it may start with you!) and can grow to 10 or more
  • Answer inquiries from parents and students about new or existing tutoring. Address inquiries with a sense of urgency and a dedication to customer satisfaction.


  • Protected territories
  • Freedom and flexibility to work from home
  • Utilizes a proven model that doesn’t need to be created from scratch
  • Marketing and advertising are provided, at no cost to you
  • Ramp up training and ongoing unlimited support from our CEO
  • Competitive compensation – commission based pay. The more you hustle, the more you earn! After the business is established, the inquiries become more inbound, and the income more passive.
  • Enrich students’ lives!

Want to Become a Branch Manager?

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