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1. Every Year, 30,000 New York City students take the SHSAT. 4,000 students get accepted to one of the specialized High Schools. Stuyvesant High School accepts only the top 850 students. What are the odds of getting in?

A) About 13% to get accepted to a specialized high school, but not necessarily their top choice.

B) Less than 3% of all test takers get accepted to Stuyvesant.

C) Significantly better with the right prep.

D) All of the above!

Hard Work + Smart Help



Follow our no-nonsense SHSAT prep program. Work with our expert tutors. Give yourself the best chance to attend New York City’s most rigorous public high schools.

Our expert tutors are happy to answer your questions.

Our 4 Step Prep Program

Step 1.

Assess your current score

The first step of the prep process is to know your starting score on a real SHSAT. All you need is a timer, a pencil, a few hours, and the official Specialized High School Student Handbook.

We can’t help you with the first few, but you can download the official handbook using this link.

Set aside 3 hours, use the timer to simulate realistic testing conditions, take a deep breath – and take test A.

Save test B for later.

Step 2.

Pick your target schools

Every school has a different cut-off score, with Stuyvesant being significantly higher than the rest. These numbers should serve as a rough guide. They change every year, but only by a few points.

SchoolScore Cutoff
Bronx Science 512
Brooklyn Latin 479
Brooklyn Technical486
HSAS @ Lehman516
Queens Science @ York College507
Staten Island Tech515
Step 3.

Make a (realistic) study plan

Compare your score with the cutoff for your target school. How many more points do you need?

If you score within 10 points, an additional 10-20 hours of study will help you cement your chances. Need 50 points? Plan to invest at least 40 hours.

Increasing your score by 100 or more points is doable, but will require dedicating significant amount of time and effort – 80 hours or more.

Step 4.

Get some help - if you need it!

The bad news is that tutors can’t a) take the test for you, or b) magically imbue you with their skills.

They can, however:

  • guide you through the test-taking process
  • assess your weak-points
  • help you formulate an effective, personalized study plan to maximize your score
  • show you different ways to efficiently attack specific problem types
  • teach you any material that you don’t know
  • help you stay on track
  • inspire confidence
  • and more!

Meet The


Many of our tutors attended NYC’s Specialized High Schools, and loved their experience.

It’s an important, big test – but we’ll get you through it!

Meet The Team

Many of our tutors attended NYC’s Specialized High Schools, and loved their experience.

It’s an important, big test – but we’ll get you through it!

We’re here to help.

We love talking to parents, and are always happy to help out or answer your questions.

Call us directly at (718) 552 0300e-mail us at, or fill out the form.

Please let us know as much as possible about your situation, and include your phone number as well a good time to reach you.

Phone calls are usually answered right away, and emails are usually returned within 24 hours, though it may take us longer on weekends.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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