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Welcome to Brooklyn Math Tutors

I started tutoring in 2008 with a simple philosophy: make math fun, the process of learning enjoyable, and the rest follows.

Unlike most tutors, however, I had been a terrible student and struggled in every subject that wasn’t math until much later in life. It was easy for me to relate to kids who were unmotivated, didn’t believe in themselves, or – much like myself – had developed aversions to specific subjects. With a bit of patience, empathy, and (math) humor I helped my students see that the subjects that they were “bad at” were simply skills that they could master with effort and dedication.

At the time, parent resources were scarce. I took what I learned from my personal experiences and started writing articles to help parents prepare their kids for standardized tests without wasting money, make informed decisions when hiring tutors, overcome math anxiety, and anything else I could think of. More – and more expensive – tutoring was not always the answer!

Since then I’ve worked with hundreds of students and spoken to thousands of parents. I’ve slowly and carefully assembled a dedicated team of educators with a diverse skillset, allowing us to meet the needs of students of different ages, backgrounds, skill-levels, and personalities working on all different subjects – not just math. Most of our tutors are experienced, full-time educators who take their work and their commitment to their students extremely seriously.

Today BMT remains a small, local, highly personalized, service-focused business where emails are answered, phone calls are returned promptly, and the owner is available to speak to you just about any time.

Contact us with any questions – we’ll always do our best to help!

Alexander Friedman

Trusted By Students At:

The Parent’s Choice

Brooklyn Math Tutors is the best tutoring experience we and our son have ever had.. and we've tried quite a few.

Alexander Friedman runs a really great and accommodating service. He devoted a lot of time with us discussing what approach and type of tutor might work best with our son who was on the verge of failing 8th-grade math.

Tutor Dan Lichtman was super. He was engaging, patient and ultimately very successful. Our son is now fully caught up with classmates and doing very well.

Chris HuntingtonBrooklyn Heights

Our 15 year old daughter has really benefited from her time with Lida, going up a full 2 letter grades in Algebra 2 at her competitive high school in just a few short months.

Lida was able to grasp the teacher's challenging expectations and translated them for our daughter. Lida is not only very bright & skilled in teaching math concepts, but was also quite sensitive & patient with our daughter's learning process.

Lida helped our daughter feel more positive, hopeful, and in charge of managing her work during a difficult time.

Yasanthi SoansWindsor Terrace

We've been working with Brooklyn Math Tutors for a couple years and we couldn't be happier with our results.

All the tutors are really superb but our current tutor, Diana, is beyond amazing. She goes above and beyond to make sure the kids are feeling confident in their math skills. She also adjusts her teaching to accommodate each of the kids and the way they learn.

Cant say enough about BMT and especially Diana.

Mikyl CordovaPark Slope

My 3rd grade daughter was struggling with math and losing confidence in herself so I reached out to Brooklyn Math Tutors who thoughtfully recommended Elena.

It's been a few months since my daughter started her tutoring with Elena and her math grades have significantly improved, her confidence was way up, and homework time is no longer a stressful, anxious struggle.

I'd highly recommend Elena (who is fun and upbeat and really clicks with elementary aged kids) and Brooklyn Math Tutors!

Sarah BrennanPark Slope, Brooklyn

Our family worked with Liz who did an amazing job with our 8 year old daughter in terms of turning things around with math and really boosting our daughter's confidence.

The impact was almost immediate and has been sustained.

Our daughter is very grateful that Liz got her out of the 'bad math place'.

Laurie S.Carol Gardens

[Our tutor] is patient and thorough and makes sure to review with me what they accomplished each session.

I often overhear them working and they have a good rapport and cover a lot of material every session.

My son's overall grade this year is also extremely good! I would highly recommend them.

Ruthanne G.Cobble Hill

Wonderful experience. Everyone was flexible and accommodating.

My daughter actually got 100 on the geometry exam she was tutored for!

Caroline K.Park Slope

I have struggled with math all my life and when I signed up for Trigonometry this semester I called Brooklyn Math Tutors. Jordan has been a lifesaver.

I have never received an A in a math class and now I'm expecting my first.

Lauren GPark Slope

Alex's tutoring means RESULTS. After I had been away from the world of math, algebra, and calculus for years, he helped me to skip 2 levels of math classes at NYU. I could never have saved so much time and money without him."

Darlee F.Park Slope

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