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Should SAT Tutoring Cost More?

By December 6, 2014September 28th, 2018About Tutoring

Some people wonder why we charge the same rate for nearly all types of tutoring. Shouldn’t SAT tutoring cost more and junior high tutoring cost less?

Although many would have you believe otherwise, tutoring for the SAT doesn’t require any special skills or present any extra difficulty to the tutor. Any competent tutor is just as comfortable helping with SAT questions as they are with basic algebra.

If anything, teaching younger kids the basics is more difficult than working with high school students on more sophisticated topics. While the math is easier, younger students require far more patience, creativity, and energy to engage.  Sitting down with a mature, responsible, self-directed high school student who is working on acing the SAT is a lot of fun – even when the problems get tricky. Especially when the problems get tricky.

Remember, you are not paying for the tutor’s ability to do math -Lots of people can do math. You are paying for their ability to teach, inspire, and connect – and the time they spend doing so.

Click here to learn why tutors (and agencies) charge as much as they do.

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